Angelo Ponzi

25+ years of experience developing and directing comprehensive marketing, branding, market research, and communications plans for a variety of business-to-business, medical, package goods, general retail, fast food, financial and high-tech clients.

Held senior positions in major advertising agencies, as well as smaller independent firms, with responsibilities in client services, new business generation, strategic planning, market research and overall business management.

Held corporate marketing positions including VP of Marketing, CMO, International Product Manager and Advertising Manager.

Joined Strategic Market Intelligence in 2013 as VP, Marketing & Sales Strategies, a market research and branding firm using a patent-pending methodology and advanced analytics for its predictive modeling and research solutions to provide insights to its clients.

Oversaw business development and client services for 30-year-old evidence-based global strategic communications research firm PhaseOne, where he worked with global 1000 companies including Purina, ExxonMobil, Unilever, Bausch & Lomb, Disney and JP Morgan Chase.

Founded The Ponzi Group, a marketing services company, in 1989, which he later sold to Rubin Postaer and Associates (RPA) in 2001.

EVP, Director of Marketing Services of Open Minds advertising, an RPA Company with a focus on alcoholic beverage clients, including Kendall-Jackson and La Crema wines, Ketel One and Seagram’s Vodka, Kirin Beer and premium brands like Cold Stone Creamery and Casablanca fans.

Co-founded Board-Trac, the action sport research company in 1998 serving clients including Nike, Adidas, Billabong, Quiksilver, Vans, Fuel TV and other industry leaders.

Frequent contributor of feature articles to industry publications including MRA’s Alert! Magazine, BMA Buzz, and Quirk’s.

BA, Business Marketing State University College at Geneseo; Certificate in International Communications – University of Central London; Certified Web 2.0 and Social Media Strategy.

Adjunct professor teaching marketing and communications at UC, Irvine.