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Success Story


Build brand awareness, visibility and credibility for Pedego, an unknown brand in a confusing product category
Make Pedego synonymous with “electric bikes”
Contribute to Pedego’s sales of bikes and dealerships

Generate media coverage in consumer press
Utilize customer stories of delight, fitness and adventure
Highlight the health benefits of electric cycling
Get editors and reporters on Pedego electric bikes

Generated press coverage reaching more than one billion people
Coverage included Good Morning America, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, NPR, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Maxim, Vanity Fair, Women’s Health and more

What Our Client Has To Say

“T&Co. has been instrumental in helping Pedego Electric Bikes become the #1 electric bike brand in the United States. By developing a brand strategy tied to our business objectives, Teri and Sandra have helped elevate Pedego to become synonymous with electric bikes.

For Pedego, T&Co. has generated media coverage that has reached nearly two billion people. Coverage has included Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Newsweek, Vanity Fair, Good Morning America, all major TV networks, and newspapers across the nation.

T&Co.’s PR successes have contributed to helping us grow our company by more than 40 percent each of the past three years since they started working with us in 2014. They have helped us sell Pedego electric bikes and expand our network of Pedego-branded stores.”

Don DiCostanzo, Co-Founder & CEO
Pedego Electric Bikes

Services Provided
T&Co. provides PR, marketing and branding services to Pedego Electric Bikes, a leading electric bike company. For Pedego, T&Co. has placed consumer press coverage reaching more than one billion people and has won several awards for their Pedego media placements.

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