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Strategic Market Intelligence focuses on three specific key business areas:

  1. Brand Analysis
  2. Market Opportunities
  3. Business Strategy and Market Testing
Strategic Market Intelligence

Research is creating new knowledge.

— Neil Armstrong

Strategic Market Intelligence (SMI) begins every relationship with a collaborative approach to the research process; one that involves you, the client, and the entire SMI team. We present our findings in a Concise, Simple and Direct way to help you understand what the data is telling you in order to make intelligent, actionable business decisions.

We provide problem-solving solutions for business using our patent-pending methodology that are scientifically-based, statistically reliable and actionable. Our underlying premise is that not all companies and their problems are created equal, which is why our proprietary solutions are tailored to meet your specific business needs.

SMI’s approach involves:

  1. Listening…to understand your needs, your pain points and your objectives;
  2. Determining…the right methodological approach;
  3. Utilizing…the highest quality analysis to provide you actionable insights, not just numbers on a page;
  4. Following through…to provide advice and consultation on an on-going basis after insights have been delivered.

Whether we’re profiling your “Best Customer” or your “Primary Competitors”, determining “Customer Satisfaction” or establishing your “Brand Awareness/Equity” or even company “reputation” in the market, ultimately our goal is to utilize the right methodologies, tools and resources available to us to predict opportunities that help move your company forward.

Brand Analysis
We believe that decision makers (purchasers or end users) of business products and services do not consciously buy solutions without considering the company and the brand it represents.
With a variety of options for analyzing your brand, we help you better understand your brand positioning, determine market perception, as well as identify strengths and weaknesses of your brand compared to competitors.

A few study examples include:

  • Brand Awareness/Brand Strength/Market Differentiation
  • Brand Promise/Customer Retention and Loyalty
  • Value Proposition Testing by Customer Segments
  • Competitor Brand Analysis, Gap Analysis
  • Advertising and Marketing Communication Effectiveness
  • Customer Satisfaction